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OceanLED produces the highest quality, most reliable and proven marine lighting in the superyacht industry. Each product can be uniquely tailored per project to give a completely custom lighting effect for sailing yachts, superyachts, and cruise ships. Underwater, retrofit, courtesy lighting, and interior and exterior downlighting.

Competitive Analysis

Before you even look at underwater lighting from any other company, take a look at the benchmark – what makes OceanLED stand out from the crowd.

1. Pioneered and patented the first underwater LED light back in 2004
  • OceanLED has been manufacturing underwater LED lights for longer than anyone else.

  • This means that our experience is beyond that of any other company.

  • Our products have been tested and proven by the best comapnies in the industry.

  • We pledge to always stay five steps ahead of the competition.

  • OceanLED sets the modern day standard for the underwater lighting market.

2. Use American-made LEDs by the market leader in LED technology
  • Cree, of Durham, North Carolina.
3. OceanLED designs and/or manufactures every part of the lights we sell
  • Even the LEDs themselves, and the cables, are specifically made for the product.
4. Substantial investment in R&D
  • Over $1 million in R&D spending.

  • Have ‘first insight’ on all the latest LED advances.

5. The most approved underwater lighting company in the world
  • Lloyds
  • ABS
  • RINA
  • Ignition Protection
  • CE
  • H-27
6. The only underwater lighting company to offer a product range to suit any size vessel and budget
  • From Amphibian A3 (MSRP $196.90) to a 4010 Super Nova (MSRP $4,218.50)
7. The only underwater lighting company to offer a light to fit every application
  • Applications with obstructions such as fuel tanks, water tanks, and engines, limit placement with other brands.
  • Transom, sides, below the hull pointing down, engine rooms, deck lights, swim platform lights that raise and lower into the water, spreader lights.
  • Dock lighting, landscape lighting.
8. Massive range of configurations
  • White, 6500K Soft White, (3200k), Blue, Green, and Red.
  • Bronze or Injected molded* high tech. Polymer housing (Non-corrosive).
  • Round (Bronze Pro Series) or oval (Amphibians).
  • 1" Thru-Hull Bronze.
  • Flush Mount Bronze.
  • Surface Mount Bronze.
  • Surface Mount with 3/8" hole for electrical wire; high tech. polymer (Amphibian)

* In or Out of water applications with Amphibians.

9. Low power consumption with no startup current
  • Start up current can rise as high as 18 amps on some conventional lighting.
10. Reverse polarity protection
  • Many of the companies out there do not allow for installation error.
11. No more changing bulbs
  • 40,000 hr LED life, no changing out $150-$200 bulbs and needing the access to do so.
  • Not all LEDs are the same – OceanLED use only the best, with the longest life.
12. Ability to run with the lights on
  • Boats are not just sitting at the dock.
  • OceanLED has pioneered the rooster flame effect.
13. 12/24v DC or 110/240v AC capability
  • On 2010 & 3010 using only different driver.
  • Can put high-powered lights on DC power when competition only runs on AC.
  • 12/24vDC on all others except A3 which is 12vDC only.
14. Worldwide dealer and distributor network
  • With offices in Europe and the USA, a strong European distributor, and growing links into Asia and Australia.
  • One of the most widely used underwater lighting brands on an OEM level.

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