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OceanLED produces the highest quality, most reliable and proven marine lighting in the superyacht industry. Each product can be uniquely tailored per project to give a completely custom lighting effect for sailing yachts, superyachts, and cruise ships. Underwater, retrofit, courtesy lighting, and interior and exterior downlighting.

Product Registration

Thank you for purchasing OceanLED products.
Standard Warranty on our products is 2 years*, however, registering your product(s) extends that Warranty by an additional year. There is no cost.

Download the Product Registration form and return the completed form to OceanLED following the instructions. Please be sure to provide complete information on your boat, where you purchased your OceanLED products, products purchased, and how they were installed.

Download the Product Registration form

View complete Warranty information

*Standard Warranty in Norway is 5 years

OceanLED only sells through a loyal worldwide dealer network. When purchasing in the USA, ensure that the vendor is an Authorized OceanLED dealer by verifying on this site. Product bought through any unauthorized channel will not be protected by the full two year warranty protection offered by OceanLED. For sales outside of the USA, check with your regional distributor or OceanLED UK directly.

Our policy on gray market internet sales

  • Gray marketed products continue to be a threat to our worldwide distribution and dealer network.
  • In order to proactively discourage this activity by Internet resellers of our products, OceanLED will not honor the warranty of products purchased via the gray market through internet resellers.
  • The following notice will be added to OceanLED’s warranty cards, website and all Internet sellers will be required to post the same notice.

WARRANTY NOTIFICATION: OceanLED products purchased by an end-user from a United States dealer via the Internet are covered by this warranty, only if the products are delivered and installed within the United States. The warranty is void if the product is delivered or installed outside the United States. Proof-of-purchase and installation will be required. Product installed by OEM will be warranted when shipped as part of a new boat package.

OceanLED, April 2009