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OceanLED produces the highest quality, most reliable and proven marine lighting in the superyacht industry. Each product can be uniquely tailored per project to give a completely custom lighting effect for sailing yachts, superyachts, and cruise ships. Underwater, retrofit, courtesy lighting, and interior and exterior downlighting.

Trade Inquires

OceanLED is always searching for reliable, experienced Dealers, Distributors, and Retailers to help meet the increasing consumer demand for OceanLED products. OceanLED offers competitive pricing, a superior product line with long life cycles and easy installation, and a healthy profit margin.

If you are interested in becoming an OceanLED Authorized Dealer, Retailer, or Distributor, please contact the rep group covering your territory and they will assist you in getting started. If you are within a state or country without representation please contact us directly in the US at 954-523-2250 or or in the UK at +44 (0) 1455 637505 or

Alternatively, if you currently purchase through one of our existing Distributors please contact them directly to discover how you can become part of the OceanLED Authorized Dealer Network.

Yacht Builders and OEMs please contact the representative group in your territory or OceanLED USA LLC directly at 954-523-2250 or for more information about our OEM Program.


Dealer FAQs: US Online Store


1. Why is the new online shopping store only available to the US?

The initial launch of the shopping site offers underwater lights and accessories to US customers fulfilled by US dealers. In the future, the new system will likely be expanded to include consumers outside the US fulfilled by dealers across the globe.

2. Why are your prices on your shopping store MSRP?

Prices on OceanLED’s US Online Store are US prices at MSRP (manufacturer's suggested retail price), meaning this is standard for OceanLED products. Resellers may offer consumers discounted pricing so long as it adheres to OceanLED's MRP Pricing Policy effective April 1, 2013.

3. What level of stock do I need to have to become a participating Online Dealer?

There is no minimum stock required. But in order to fulfill orders quickly stocking your most popular OceanLED products is recommended.

4. How often do I get paid from Shopatron?

Payments by Shopatron are made every 15th and 30th of each month.

5. Do we need to submit monthly stock takes to be included on the Shopatron site to prove we meet the setup criteria?


6. Can I link or embed the OceanLED Online Shopping page directly to my webpage?


7. What happens if the product ordered is not in my shop? How will Shopatron know to assign the correct stocked part to me?

Please refer to Shopatron training for participating dealers.

8. How are returns handled through Shopatron if necessary?

Under Shopatron policy a consumer has 30 days to return a product as new in packaging to the reseller that shipped the order. Shopatron will handle all of these actions. Once a consumer starts a transaction online, it is all done by the reseller and Shopatron, as if this was a retail sale in a store. Specific information on returns is available with the Shopatron administrative tools available when you become a participating Dealer.

9. Is this an automatic transaction to customer’s credit card once shipped?


10. My dealer ship sells products the old fashioned way; we don't have a website. Can Shopatron help me sell your products?


OceanLED Representatives

Become an Authorized Dealer of OceanLED

Haimes Coleman Group

Southeast US
Tel: 954-845-0411

Cala Marine

Caribbean & Latin America
Tel: 305-254-0214

SGL Sales & Marketing

Midwest US
Tel: 419-499-8300

Connolly & Sons Marketing

Northeast US & East Canada
Tel: 201-891-3161

Pac-West Marketing

West Coast US & West Canada
Tel: 800-346-6474